Monday, January 19, 2009

Haleema.. thanks to the Israeli war machine!

"Hallema" is a palestinian baby girl..

that beautiful pictures taken during her visit to Egypt last year to see her brother who was recovering in a hospital in cairo.

isn't she just a gorgeous baby??

well, she "was" a gorgeous baby.. coz now she's a burnt dead body..
thanks to the Israeli war machine, and she's just one of hundreds of children who killed by the same ugly way in.


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Ahmed, Appy, Now in Gaza
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Holocaust survivors

الهدف من نشر هذا الموضوع ليس لمشاهدة الصور و"مصمصة الشفايف" ولكنه تدعيما لتوصيل رسالة للعالم كله عن حقيقة الحقد الصهيوني

لمن يريد نشر الموضوع في مدونته
انسخ ما بداخل المربع التالي وضعه في موضوع جديد بمدونتك

The grandchildren of the holocaust survivors are doing now to Palestinians exactly what was done to them by the Nazi

Menachem Begin
(started as a wanted terrorist - ended as a prime minister)

Sheikh Yassin
(started as preacher - ended.....

bombed by Israeli army while praying

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